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Supply Chain Self-Assessment: Uncover the health of your organization’s supply chain and how it stacks up

52% of business leaders report their supply chains need “much improvement.” And nearly 60% say they’ve recently seen a decline in revenue due to supply chain disruptions.

Is your supply chain functioning optimally?

If you’re looking to optimize your supply chain and logistics, our self-assessment will help you determine:

  • Strengths in your supply chain
  • Areas of improvement throughout your supply chain
  • Whether investing in a managed transportation partnership is worthwhile

With our simple checklist, you'll be able to quickly assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your supply chain by checking off each box that applies to your organization. At the end of the brief assessment, we detail what the results mean based on the number of checks you indicate. 

As you read through your results, you’ll discover personalized next steps to help you determine how to get started on your supply chain optimization journey.

Get the assessment for free.

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Discover an End-to-End Supply Chain Engine That Unlocks Growth

LynnCo is a global leader in supply chain analytics and operational solutions. For over 25 years, we have quietly built a leading supply chain platform of solutions and technology for high-growth companies. Proven across dozens of industries and hundreds of companies, LynnCo delivers supply chain value creation through CFO-level analytics, supply chain assessments, performance engineering, and transformational execution for companies of all sizes who are committed to a growth philosophy.


Setting the new standard for supply chain best practices.

We take pride in being the best in our field and we are honored to be recognized by world-renown publications and researchers. Year after year, our innovation, technology, and thought leadership continue to stand out from the rest.